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Touch Rugby Club

Touch Rugby Club

During the first half of the Autumn term our specialist PE teacher, Mrs Kang, will be running a Touch Rugby Club after school on a Monday.

The game emphasises running, agility, passing, catching and communication. Touch is often referred to as Touch Rugby, but there is NO tackling, lineouts, scrumming or kicking involved. This makes it appealing to a wide range of ages and abilities, from juniors to masters and from slight to heavy builds.

Touch is one of the few team sports where men and women compete on teams together not only socially but at an international level.

I discovered the sport a few years ago in a social league in Nottingham but it wasn’t until 2012 that I decided I wanted to try and play to international level.  I was selected for the Senior Mixed Squad and represented my country for the first time in 2012 at the European Championships in Treviso, Italy.   We came first in our Division winning gold medals. This was an incredible sense of achievement and pride which left me hungry for more.  I was hooked and each year I wanted to get better and better and play again and again.

To date I have played in the 2013 Home Nations- Ireland (winning gold), 3 The European Champs in Italy 2012 (Gold), Wales 2014 (Silver) and Jersey 2016 (Gold), and my favourite experience of all, Australia 2015 at the World Cup (Bronze Medal).  I competed in the Senior Touch Championships this summer in Edinburgh and hope to be selected again for next year’s European Championships which will be hosted here in Nottingham

I am passionate about helping to grow the sport at grass roots working with young children and am excited to be able to pass on my experience and knowledge

Mrs J Kang