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School Closure Due to Bad Weather Procedure

School closure due to bad weather procedure

These are our arrangements if we need to close the school in case of severe weather. However, it is rare that we would close the school in these circumstances, unless we felt the site was unsafe or enough staff were unable to get to and from school safely.  Mr Bazeley will always try to keep our site open where possible.  However, if we do need to close the school we will let you know in the following ways:

  • We will post it on our website homepage
  • The school will send you a text message
  • Radio Nottingham and Capital FM

We will contact BBC Radio Nottingham and Capital FM. You will be able to find an alphabetical list of schools closed due to bad weather on the Radio Nottingham homepage.

This list is also available on the Nottinghamshire County Council website:


Capital FM’s ‘snowline’ can be busier and so may not be able to update as quickly, although they will also list schools who are closed. Both radio stations will also broadcast the names of schools that are closed.